New/Used 10ft Shipping Container For Sale

We have a wide selection of one-trip 10 foot containers which are quite rare in the market. We also have used containers of the same size. These are perfect for businesses that need smaller units for storage business; especially for the storage and transportation of motorbikes.

10ft Standard Shipping Containers

10ft Shipping Container Dimensions:

  • External measurement: 3.05m/2.44m/2.59m (10’/8’/8’6″)
  • Internal measurement: 2.80m/2.33m/2.35m (9’2″/7’8″/7’9″)
  • Floor area: 6.69m2 (72sqft)
  • Volume: 15.89m3 (560cuft)
  • Maximum weight: 1450kg

10ft Shipping Container Usability:

  • Excellent storage units for limited space.
  • The white paint on these containers makes them aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can withstand all weather conditions as they are wind and watertight.
  • They come with multiple ventilators and lashing points.
  • The one-trippers have all steel floors, making them extremely durable.
  • Treated with pest and rodent repellents.

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