Florida-Based Company Brings Anti-Breach System for Containers

A Florida-based company, Eye-Seal, is bringing a device that is going to put an end to the internal breach of shipping containers. The tool, once installed inside a shipping container, will allow the shippers, as well as the port authorities,  monitor every time the container door is opened. It will also help them keep an eye on the internal environment of a container throughout its voyage.

Florida-Based Company Brings Anti-Breach for Containers

A statement from the company said that this new technology will address the multi-billion dollar crisis of cargo theft and damage as the high-value shipments can now be monitored from origin to destination; thanks to its lasting power of a minimum of 120 days.

The company has acquired funding from Tito Investment Group (TIG), Jacksonville, Florida, and the Texas A&M Aggie Angel Network to introduce the technology to the key markets. A spokesperson from TIG said that Eye-Seal’s internal breach detection system will show shipping lines and governments new revenue streams while improving transparency in the logistics chain.

Eye-Seal has also partnered with PROSS, which will work as its strategic distributor in Europe, Asia, and Africa, thereby fetching additional funds for the company. This fund will be utilized to increase production of the device and improve the company’s existing digital platform.

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