How To Buy Shipping Containers At The Right Prices?

Shipping containers serve endless purposes. From cargo transport to storage, and from remodelling into living spaces to recycling into furniture – shipping containers are in demand for every task.

Shipping containers generally cost between $2000 to $4500 depending on their age, condition, size, location, and most importantly, the seller. Since there are so many factors, people are often confused about whether they are paying the correct price for the containers or not. Hence, one must gather enough information about these aspects to ensure that they get absolute value for their money. Let’s find out more on this…..

How To Buy Shipping Containers At The Right Prices

Age and condition :

Brand new containers cost a bomb and barring a few special cases, people don’t need one generally. Out of other types of containers, one-trip containers are the best. These containers carry cargo only once, from the place where they are manufactured to their delivery destination. Since they spend very limited time on the voyage, they carry the least amount of physical damages. Some of them are as good as new. Hence, their prices are always on the higher side.

The used containers, on the other hand, show a varied degree of damages – depending on the way they were handled. While some of them remain in great condition despite spending a lot of time in the harsh marine environment, others show visible signs of wear and tear, and may even be unusable. Hence, choose a container that is in fairly good condition and can be used with some repair work. If you are buying online and can’t personally check the container’s condition, go with a reputable dealer.

Size :

Size matters a lot in deciding the price of a shipping container. Larger containers are naturally more expensive than the smaller ones. Hence, evaluate your needs before buying one. If you need household storage, a 6’ or 10’ container should be sufficient. However, for industrial storage or modifications into living spaces, the most popular sizes are 20’ and 40 foot container. Also, there are two types of containers based on their height – standard and high-cube. The high cubes container, which are usually costlier, have an extra foot of headroom and are preferable for conversions, as well as for the storage of taller items.

Delivery charges and other fees :

Delivery charges constitute the most significant part of your shipping container price; especially when they are located at a faraway place. Sometimes, they may even exceed the actual price of the container. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to buy your container from a nearby place. Always discuss the delivery fee and other charges like special permits, etc. with the dealer before paying any amount.

The seller :

Container prices vary greatly from dealer to dealer. When there is a re-seller or broker involved, it further shoots up the price as they keep their margin. Hence, it is always a better idea to go with a genuine and reputable seller. If you are in doubt, ask for quotes from different sellers and compare prices. A thoughtful evaluation of quoted prices and the reputation of the sellers will allow you to buy the right container at the right prices.

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