Man Builds Container Home in St. Augustine South

When hurricane Irma destroyed the ranch house of a St. Augustine South resident Rob DePiazza, he obviously considered building his new home with much stronger material. Two years after the incident, DePiazza is all set to live in his extremely unique shipping container home in a few months from now.

Man Builds Container Home in St. Augustine South - Pelican Containers

The house is being crafted out of nine 40-foot steel containers, weighing eight tons each. Each container costs $2000. The two-bed and two-bath house has several windows to let in natural lights. The window at the top of the master bedroom offers an unobstructed view of the tree-filled skyline.

The idea of using shipping containers as living space is not alien to DePiazza as he had worked with these steel boxes before and have seen people converting them into houses. Yet, while constructing his own home, he faced challenges in finding contractors, experienced in projects like this. He also said that these contractors charged three-times of what they should only because they needed to work on something unfamiliar.

While DePiazza is happy that his shipping container house will be strong enough to withstand many hurricanes, he is concerned about the fact that the huge structure may overpower other residences in the locality. He is also apprehensive about the resale prospects of the house in the future since this highly unusual property may not have enough takers in the market. Nevertheless, the Prince Road resident is enthusiastic about his new home that features street art on one of its outer walls, depicting how he lost his previous house to Irma. He hopes to display more such art in the inner walls of his new home.

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