School Unveils Shipping Containers Labs In Tallahassee

Shipping containers are immensely versatile. They are being used for the construction of living spaces, offices and cafes since quite a few years. The latest to join the bandwagon is a Tallahassee-based school which has recently introduced three new labs constructed out of restored shipping containers. The three labs will focus on different subjects each like Biomedical and Student Research; Art, Inspiration, and Design; and Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering.

School Unveils Shipping Containers Labs In Tallahassee

The college preparatory school has named the three new labs, along with a common courtyard and garden, which are expected to promote collaboration among the students, as the Beck Family Research Center (BFRC).

The labs, which were constructed off-site and later brought to the school premises, have the latest technology, tools, and appropriate furnishing to induce active learning. These also have flexible and mobile furniture to aid in student-centered learning sessions. The garden is a well-planned one with raised beds for ample seating and plantation. The plants here are carefully selected so that they can be used in the grad-classes.

Additionally, there is a Solar SmartFlower with retractable solar panels in the shape of petals to track the sun’s position and provide data to the students throughout the day. At night or under bad weather, the SmartFlower retracts. It reopens only when the sun comes out.

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