Self-Reliant Shipping Container Clinic To Provide Medical Services In Remote Areas

Good news for people residing in remote areas! Finally, there will be medical services available to them.

Self-Reliant Container Clinic To Provide Medical Services

A team of student researchers from Arizona State University has created a clinic inside a used 40-foot shipping container. This self-reliant mobile clinic is solar powered and is equipped with an onboard water treatment system which can clean up to 1200 gallons of water every hour. The nine and a half feet high container has in-built batteries for back-up and can thrive in any environmental condition. Easily transportable on tuck, rail, and ship, this health center is capable of providing nearly every kind of outpatient service in places devoid of basic infrastructures like warzones, disaster-hit areas, and other far-flung places.

The project, which was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, will face the real test when its prototype will be deployed in a refugee camp in Uganda this summer. Under strict observation, it will provide medical care to more than 12000 refugees. In order to help in the process of setting up the clinic, a team from Arizona State will travel to Uganda in August. Once the prototype completes its evaluation successfully, many such container clinics will be seen offering treatments to the vulnerable people residing in the isolated regions.

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