How To Find The Best Shipping Containers for Sale in Miami?

Miami, the cultural, economic and financial capital of South Florida, has one of the busiest seaports in the United States named PortMiami. This major seaport, located in the city’s Biscayne Bay, is also called the ‘Cargo Gateway of the Americas’ because of the sheer volume of containerized goods it handles. As per an estimate, the port has witnessed the movement of approximately 9.6 million tons of cargo and over 1 million twenty-foot equivalent units of intermodal containers in FY 2018/2019. No wonder, PortMiami generated over 334,500 jobs and an economic impact of $43 billion to the state of Florida in 2018.

How To Find The Best Shipping Containers for Sale in Miami?

The massive cargo movement through the port piles up a huge number of shipping containers at its dockyard each year, making PortMiami an ideal place to source these steel boxes. The PortMiami Tunnel, operational since 2014, connects the port with the interstate highway system via State Road 836, making the movement of containers a lot easier.

The above data may portray Miami as the ultimate destination for anyone who is looking to buy a new or used shipping container. While we are not denying the same, you must understand that there are certain processes to follow before you get hold of a shipping or storage container for sale.

Who sells the shipping containers in Miami?


Shipping containers are not retailed directly at the dockyard. Instead, these are bought in bulk by container dealers who retail them at a slightly higher price. These dealers may have years of experience under their belt and a good reputation in the market, or can be anyone with no experience at all. Either way, you will often spot their advertisements in local newspapers or online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. However, you need to, almost always, look for an experienced player if you want to get a decent return on your investment.

Shipping companies

Nowadays, a few shipping companies are retailing their retired shipping containers online. This may sound like great news. However, if their warehouse isn’t in close proximity to your location, you may end up spending a fortune as delivery and handling fees. Moreover, there are fewer chances that you get to see the actual container before you buy it.


You may also find a third category of container sellers on the internet which is the individuals. They are usually the owners of isolated pieces that are of little use to them. Hence, they may sell these at a throw-away price to vacate their land. While these containers may seem extremely attractive to many, chances are, these are in pretty bad shape. Also, it may not be possible to identify the damages they embody or the purpose they served earlier.

So, where can you find the most reliable new or used containers for sale in Miami?

The best place to find a shipping container for sale is a seasoned dealer who has a warehouse near your location. Pelican Containers has decades of experience in shipping container trading and a large number of warehouses across the United States, stocked with these steel boxes of various sizes and shapes. The good news is, one of these warehouses is right here in Miami. Hence, you will be spoilt for choices if you need to find a storage container for sale in Miami. It is worth mentioning that, all our used containers for sale in Miami pass through our rigorous evaluation process. So, quality isn’t an issue with our offerings. Also, the local warehouse ensures you pay just a nominal fee towards delivery. Or you can completely avoid it if you can pick up your container all by yourself.

What is the process of buying a shipping container at Pelican Containers?

You need to fill out a short form on our website, after which our agents will get in touch with you to precisely understand your requirements. Post that, you will receive free quotes from us. Once you decide on the dimension, shape, and condition of your desired piece, our agents will get one for you and deliver it to your location within a week. Yes, it’s that easy.

So what are you waiting for? Discover shipping containers for sale in Miami with Pelican Containers today!


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