6 Tips on How to Keep Your Storage Container in Great Condition

Used shipping containers are a much-preferred storage option. These robust boxes are easy to find and are much cheaper than the construction cost of a typical storage shed of the same dimension. However, just like everything else, shipping containers too need some maintenance to last for a lifetime. Here are a few simple tips which will maximize the lifetime of your shipping container storage boxes.

6 Tips on How to Keep Your Storage Container in Great Condition

Keep ‘em off the ground :

Uneven grounds are the worst enemy of your shipping containers as puddles of water are often formed in them. Your container may suffer corrosion if these are formed under or around the container. Moreover, it is difficult to operate the door if the ground is not leveled. Hence, it is best to place the container on concrete blocks to keep them leveled off the ground.

Clean ‘em up :

This is a no-brainer. Any metal object lasts longer when it is rust and dirt-free; shipping containers are no exception. Since these containers spend a long time on the sea, some rusts, dents, and dings are common in them. Proper cleaning with bleach or other cleaning agents and a fresh coat of anti-rust paint will keep surface rust issue at bay.

Check the door :

Shipping containers are a preferred solution for the storage of valuable cargo because they are difficult for the robbers to barge into; courtesy an extremely secured door. However, because of prolonged marine life, the doors are often subjected to wear and tear. Replace any damaged moving part and clean them on a regular basis to get rid of dirt. The rubber seals on the doors, which protect from moisture, usually have a lifespan of 10 years. Hence, consider replacing them with a new one. Finally, lubricate door hinges to keep them moving freely.

Restrict weight on the roof :

The middle of the container roof is substantially weaker than the corners, which are meant to take loads. Hence, make sure to not put much weight on them. Clean any debris or snow as soon as possible and also, don’t allow accumulation of water as the same may result in rusting.

Go easy on modification :

The simplistic design of shipping containers attribute to their strength. But, as you cut them, they lose their structural integrity and become prone to damages. Hence, it is better to retain their shape as much as possible. If you must modify them, take special care of the joint areas.

Say no to condensation with dry goods :

Store only dry goods in your container to avoid condensation. Do not open the door if it rains or is very humid. Don’t keep sensitive items like wooden furniture against the wall where condensation is common.

So, these are a few tips on how to maintain a storage container. If you want to buy one, please contact Pelican Containers.

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