Toronto to Get a Shipping Container Marketplace in April

Toronto to Get a Shipping Container Marketplace in April

The people of Toronto are set to hang out at an extremely unusual spot – a marketplace made completely out of used shipping containers. The two-level marketplace, named Stackt Market, is located at Bathurst and Front Sts. and is opening for the public in April 2019.

The 100,000-square-feet plot, which previously housed a smelting plant and a slaughterhouse, has been transformed into a hub for community gathering, programming, retail and social enterprises by two local entrepreneurs – Matt Rubinoff and Tyler Keenan.

The management of Stackt Market has recently revealed the names of the first few vendors who are going to set shops here. Bean and Pearl, Belgian Moon, BMO Canada, Carmel Floral, Donut Monster, Dresden Vision, Ellie Mae, Flow, Inkbox, My Rich Face, Reunion Island, Start Up Here Toronto, and YamChops will have their outlets here. In short, Stackt Market will house diverse businesses like cafes, bars, banks, plant-based butcher shop etc. The fashion conscious crowd will also have enough options here to fulfil their needs.

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