Moving Home? Get a Shipping Container to Carry Your Goods

Need to move home but worried about the safety of your precious possessions? Get a shipping container for the task. These robust steel boxes keep your household stuff safe from environmental forces like rain and frost, as well as from the robbers and other miscreants. These are cheap and can act as an instant storage shed when you move to a new place.

Moving Home? Get a Shipping Container to Carry Your Goods

What size of a container should you get?

The size of the container will totally depend on the quantity of goods that you need to move. Containers can be as small as 6’ and as large as 53’ in length and their capacity varies as per their sizes. While a small 6’ container offers a volume of 303cuft, a 45ft high-cube container, having an extra foot of head-space, comes with a massive 2640 cuft volume. Generally speaking, a standard 20’ container can accommodate the stuff of a regular 3-bedroom house.

How to move the container?

Once you store your goods into the container you need to move it by truck or a trailer. For a standard 40’ or smaller container, a flatbed trailer is sufficient. However, for bigger containers, you need to contact a trucking company, specialized in over-sized container transport. Now, what type of trucking company you should hire? Well, that depends on where your new home is. If you need to travel less than 150 miles, a local trucking company will do the job. However, for a longer distance, go for a nationwide trucking company.

How to load the container on a truck?

The best method to load a container on a truck is by a fork-lift or a crane. This way, the container will remain upright and the goods inside will not move and get damaged. That’s why, we will advise you against using a tilt bed trailer even though it seems simpler to use, especially for smaller containers.

Cranes and fork-lifts can be hired locally. Often, trucking companies arrange for this type of machinery. Hence, talk about this while hiring a trucker.

Finished moving? Now what?

Once you move to a new home, you can use your container as ready made storage or garden shed at your backyard. These weather-proof boxes are extremely durable and can also be used as an extension to your existing house. However, make sure to check with the local authorities whether there is any restriction on the usage of shipping containers in your area.

If you don’t have enough space or purpose to keep a container, you can sell it off to a local container dealer or through classified ads.

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