Characteristics of the Undermount Container Reefer Genset

Do you want to buy an undermount generator for a reefer container in the United States but don’t know how to choose the right one? Find the specifications for the undermount reefer genset container for sale here:


Weight: 1,370 lbs or 1,400 lbs
Fuel tank: 50-gal or 68-gal
Engine: CT4-134Di 4-cylinder water-cooled 2.2 liter direct-injection diesel engine
Generator: Nominal 15 KW brushless, self-regulated battery
Battery: 12V DC maintenance-free
Controls/control box: Driver-side controls, waterproof control box
Safety Stop Controls: For low pressure, high water temperature
Switches: Preheat and start/run/off
Service Door: Large services access door with self-locking quick-release latch


Weight: 1,480 lbs or 1,495 lbs
Fuel tank: 75-gal or 80-gal
Engine: TK diesel engine compliant with interim Tier 4 2008 requirements
Generator: 460/230 Vac, 3-phase, 60Hz
Battery: 12V, 925 CCA at 0°F
Controls/control box: SG+ microprocessor controller with auto-restart feature, advanced diagnostics, and automatic preheating of engine
Safety Stop Controls: For low-pressure, high-water temperature
Switches: Preheat and start/run/off
Service Door: Large services access door with self-locking quick-release latch

Undermount Container Reefer Genset Usability

You have several solid reasons to buy an undermount genset for a reefer container.
Here we take a closer look at the main benefits of our undermount container generator sets for sale:

  • Ease of use and operation. No specially trained personnel are required for operation.
  • Temperature regulation. You can use a new undermount genset both for cooling and heating the air.
  • Humidity regulation. You can regulate humidity manually or automatically.
  • Weather resistance. Use automatic mode to preserve cargo in case of cold or warm weather.
  • Versatility. Changed settings and different modes of operation provide convenience and versatility of application.

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Adam Smith
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It was a pleasure to interact with the people in this company. My container was delivered safely and on time. The doors worked well and there were no dents or cracks. Well done!

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It was a nice experience interacting with the helpful staff at Pelican. The container was in really good condition and perfectly suited my need of a storage shed. Will come back in the future if I need more.

Patricia Wang
(Fort Worth, Texas)

We ordered a 40’ standard container in April but received a 40’ high cube after 10 days. We immediately communicated this to the company and they told we could use the bigger unit at no extra cost. We were delighted!

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