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Pelican Containers was founded in 2017 in the USA. Our headquarters are located in the Bay PHarbor Islands, Florida. We also have offices in different cities in the United States, India, and the Philippines. Pelican Containers has been a market leader in providing new and used storage containers for sale. Our containers are popular with both individuals and commercial users. Because we have many offices worldwide, you can use our service from any location.
At our company, you can find containers of different sizes to suit your individual needs. You can buy containers from Pelican Containers in sizes ranging from 20 ft to 53 ft. Our containers are available in standard sizes, as well as in high cube, side opening, tunnel, and open-top configurations, in addition to the standard dimensions.
You can also purchase damaged containers from us, which you can later rebuild as you wish. We not only have containers, chassis, gensets, and ocean freight containers for sale but also guarantee worldwide delivery.

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Our Shipping Containers Carry Our Guarantee of Quality

We only offer used shipping containers for sale if they pass through our rigorous evaluation process.

Our containers are here to stay—that’s why we test our used shipping containers for purchase for endurance before we hand them over to you.

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Not sure which option you need? Browse our product catalog and you will surely find the option you need.

We keep 20′, 40′, and 45′ used and new shipping containers for sale in stock, so you can choose the right size each and every time you buy new shipping containers from us.
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New Used WWT

20 Ft Standard Container

20’ standard containers are probably the most popular varieties of shipping containers. Neither too big nor too small – these..

New Used WWT

20 Ft Flat Rack Container

Flat rack containers are used mainly for the transportation of oversized cargo, which can be loaded from the top or..

New Used WWT

20 Ft Side Open Containers

Our 20 foot side opening containers are an excellent choice for businesses that transport large items, which can’t be loaded..

New Used WWT

20 Ft Open Top Containers

These containers are the bigger version of our 10 foot open top containers which are used to transport bulk goods..

New Used WWT

40 Ft Standard Container

These large containers usually carry bulky yet lighter cargo because of their payload of 20 tons, which is same as..

New Used WWT

40 Ft High Cube Containers

As big as a two-car garage, these containers store everything one puts inside of them. The extra height aids in..

New Used WWT

40 Ft Flat Rack Container

These large cargo-bearing containers can be loaded from both the top and the sides. They come with two hinged front..

New Used WWT

40 Ft HC Open Side Container

These high cube containers have side shutter doors for easy loading and offloading. The cargo can be easily sorted in..

New Used WWT

40Ft Open Top Containers

The open top containers are appropriate for the transportation of industrial length steel and plastics, as well as large machinery,..

New Used WWT

45 Ft Standard Containers

These containers are huge with an extra five feet in length. Hence, they can act like a warehouse for many..

New Used WWT

45 Ft High Cube Containers

These are probably the largest containers that are frequently available in the market. The extra height allows them to store..

New Used WWT

45 Ft Flat Rack Container

45 foot flat rack containers are extremely rare and very few companies like Pelican Containers supply them. These are used..

New Used WWT

45 Ft Open Side Containers

The side shutter doors come handy when someone needs to build partitions inside to stock many types of objects. These..

New Used WWT

20 Ft Shipping Container Chassis

The 20 foot category of chassis consists of a number of forms like flushback container chassis, straight frame tandem axle..

New Used WWT

40 Ft Shipping Container Chassis

These chassis are made from high strength low alloy steel to make them strong enough for the transportation of heavy..


No Genset Found.

Advantages of Working with Pelicancontainers :

You have numerous good reasons to buy used shipping containers from our company. Let’s look closer at the advantages of our services:

Well-thought-out safe shopping system

Our developed process and security system ensures that the used ocean containers for sale offered on our platform are authentic and build trust among our consumers. We have additionally developed secure systems to monitor and address consumer complexities towards our ongoing responsibility to safe shopping.

Best price on the US market

Keeping the quality of our product intact, we ensure the customers make purchases with our best pricing policy as we never charge extra or don’t levy any hidden charges. We offer competitive pricing for new and used storage containers for sale, keeping your budget in check.

Certified products

We have 100% certified and guaranteed new and used transport containers for sale, approved by Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). Our 100% leak-proof containers ensure consumers’ safe transportation that helps us deliver the best quality products.

Customer-oriented support system

We have a 24/7 customer support team to address and work through any of your product-related issues. Consumers who want to buy a shipping container can easily reach out to us by dropping an email or just giving us a call. We quickly respond to the inquiries and all the customer’s questions about our cargo containers for sale.

Reviews of Our Customers


Adam Smith (Jacksonville, Florida)

It was a pleasure to interact with the people in this company. My container was delivered safely and on time. The doors worked well and there were no dents or cracks. Well done!

Demetrius Lucas (Long Beach, California)

It was a nice experience interacting with the helpful staff at Pelican. The container was in really good condition and perfectly suited my need of a storage shed. Will come back in the future if I need more.

Patricia Wang (Fort Worth, Texas)

We ordered a 40’ standard container in April but received a 40’ high cube after 10 days. We immediately communicated this to the company and they told we could use the bigger unit at no extra cost. We were delighted!

Our Fast Delivery Services

Experience blazing-fast error-free 4 to 7-day delivery

In addition to our premium shipping containers for sale, we offer the best delivery equipment for a seamless off-loading experience.

Our fully insured tilt-bed trucks and trailers undergo regular safety checks, and our certified drivers are able to deliver even in tight spaces.

error-free shipping container delivery

Container Buyer's Guide

From buying the right Pelican shipping containers to preparing your site for delivery, we’ll help you avoid the frustrations and unknowns when purchasing a container. If you want to buy a container online in the USA, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can buy shipping containers online in the USA or call us at (+1 305-985-4316).

Our customer service areas :

India, IN

1,200 containers

United States, US

1,200 containers

Philippines, PH

1,200 containers

Industrial Applications of Shipping Containers

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