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Uses of Shipping Containers in the Automotive Industry

Vanessa Joy Eugenio

Shipping containers have always been the preferred method for transporting vehicles. Trucks, cars, motorbikes, and other means of transport are carried in shipping containers for the automotive industry across the ocean from the manufacturers to the consumers. These durable steel boxes are equipped to transfer large, heavy items without damaging them. Automotive shipping containers are designed to securely transport vehicles, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Apart from transportation, these boxes are also extensively used in vehicle showrooms and garages to store spare parts and other tools. They come in handy as temporary storerooms for automobiles and other items when usual storage becomes cluttered or undergoes cleaning or renovation. Also, storage containers for cars provide a secure and weather-resistant solution for storing vehicles when not in use.

They are also useful as extended storehouses when showrooms need to scale up their inventory ahead of any special event. Some creative auto businesses have even constructed their garages out of shipping containers. Also, a shipping container mechanic shop is a creative and cost-effective way for auto technicians to establish their businesses.

For homeowners, 6’ containers are an excellent choice to use as a place for storing vehicles. They are compact, sturdy, and totally secured. Hence, there’s no need to worry about thieves getting their hands on one’s beloved bike.

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Vehicles

There are many advantages to using shipping containers for cars. People have been using shipping containers for industrial applications for many years and for various purposes. The storage and transportation of vehicles and their parts, using containers for cars as a garage or showroom, and many other opportunities have arisen recently.


You can use a shipping container for a car garage or as a showroom in any part of the world. All you need is a special truck or another vehicle to deliver containers for the automotive industry. You can open a showroom in one place today and, in a few days, advertise your services or cars in a completely different location or region.

What’s more, this also applies to containers used as a garage. If you are going to move or do not have enough space to build a new garage, a portable and convenient shipping container can be easily transported.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Using storage containers for vehicles will cost you several times cheaper than building a garage from scratch. You do not need to lay the foundation, pay the workers, or wait until the construction is completed.

Moreover, you will not be tied to the building site, as with an ordinary construction project. You can forget these shortcomings by ordering a shipping container for the automotive industry from us. After the purchase, you can immediately store your cars in shipping containers and use them without additional investments.

How Can Shipping Containers Be Used in the Automotive Industry?


Transportation is one of the most common and simple uses of a shipping container in the automotive industry. Transportation of ​​cars by sea is the main purpose of those units. During transportation, the vehicle is completely protected from all external influences, such as salt water or air. Moreover, this option is also relevant for carrying by ground.

Garage — personal and business

If you do not want to spend time and money on building a garage from scratch but need to keep the car in good shape, the advantages of a shipping container for the car garage are hard to underestimate. Depending on the parameters of the container, its condition, and its size, you can use it to accommodate up to two cars (2 shipping container garages). By enhancing the container with a roof and special ventilation, you can rest assured that your car is safe. This option is most relevant for seasonal vehicles that you need to “preserve” until the next use.


If you need to quickly create a showroom and have a place to store the necessary inventory, then you need to select a suitable shipping container. There are various options for different car sizes. The main ones are 20 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft containers. Their height and width are the same, so if you need extra space, it’s better to choose the 40 ft standard shipping container or the 45 ft high cube shipping container.

Storeroom for vehicles/spare parts/inventory

The use of shipping containers for cars started a long time ago. And with modern technology and modding capabilities, you can use them as an advanced storage unit for any other inventory.

The Most Used Container Types in the Automotive Industry

Today, shipping containers come in numbers in different designs and configurations. Types of cargo units vary by size and their intended purpose. Let’s see what container types are most often used in the automotive industry, considering the above ways of using shipping containers for machines.

Dry Storage Containers

This is the most widely used container type overall. Storage containers for the automotive industry are made of heavy-duty steel and so retain their protective properties for a long time. They secure car transportation overseas as well as used for shielded storage and shipment of machinery, equipment, spare parts, pre-assembled units, etc.

Used Containers

Currently, the use of old shipping containers prevails across industries. And the automotive industry is not an exception. More affordable than new boxes, used units are still good enough for many purposes.

Units that have been on long-distance freight for over 15 years are normally retired for further use beyond shipping.

When it comes to the automotive industry, used boxes offer budget-friendly yet efficient and functional reuse solutions. Units showing noticeable signs of wear and rust can be restored and redesigned to make a showroom, storage shelter, or garage from shipping containers.

40-Foot Containers

Regarding container size, 40′ containers are the most common type for the automotive industry since they ensure optimal space, whatever the intended use.

Thus, equipped with special racks, a 40 feet container vehicle can host 4 standard cars, which is pretty convenient for transportation and will enable you to save on final shipping costs.

High-cube containers will come in handy when handling trucks or other oversized vehicles. Likewise, a bigger container is a better option for a garage, shed, or repair shop.

Open-Side Containers

Typically, containers have a tunnel design with an entrance on one of the ends. While it’s quite convenient for transportation and storage, it might not be the best option for a repair shop or a showroom. This is where used open-side boxes come into play.

This container type, featuring side-opening doors, provides easier access for big and bulky items that are difficult to fit into a tunnel box. Besides, when fully opened, this container delivers a fantastic panorama view.

Fitted with glass fronts and stacked up, open-side containers work wonders as modular showcases for car sellers. They can also be converted to accompanying offices and repair stations.

How to Buy a Shipping Container in the United States

Pelican Containers offers new and used shipping cargo containers for cars of different sizes — from a compact 6’ to a mammoth 45’, giving you plenty of space for all of your equipment. We can even modify the container as per your requirement by installing additional doors, windows, racks, railings, etc.

Our storage containers were manufactured from robust reinforced steel to transport cargo overseas. Therefore, you can rest assured that these durable and secure boxes will provide a protective environment for any vehicle when using shipping containers for the automotive industry.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to know more about our new and used shipping containers for sale. You can buy a shipping container online by filling out a request form on our website, or contact our sales rep directly by phone if you need a personal consultation. We are ready to help!

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