Vanessa Joy Eugenio

Job Title
Team Leader
Pelican Containers
Favorite Topics
Customer Service, Team Management, Business Analysis, Outsourcing

Publications on the company's website

Damaged Shipping Containers: How to Repair Common Types of Damage

Shipping containers are used to transport and store large, heavy loads. Therefore, damaging...

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Smart Shipping Containers: The Future of the Shipping Industry

Today, advanced technology has entered nearly every area of our life and integrated...

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Which States Allow Shipping Container Homes And How to Get Permission

Today, shipping containers are not mere transportation and storage units anymore. Recently, there...

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Shipping Container Horse Shelter: Benefits And 3 Cool Ideas of Remodeling

At first nomadic and migratory animals, now free-ranging and domestic, horses have adapted...

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How to Improve a Shipping Container Security System

How are shipping containers secured? This is a question that all shipping container...

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Shipping Container Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

These days, shipping containers are used for numerous purposes besides transporting goods overseas....

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