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About Shipping Containers in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC

Pelican Containers has offices in many states in the Canada. So if you want to buy shipping containers in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC, you will find it very convenient to purchase containers at our company. You can order new or used containers, chassis, gensets in a suitable size for you and get it delivered in a few days. You can submit your request for shipping containers for sale in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC in the following ways:

  • come to our office in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC
  • send us an email
  • leave a request on our website
  • call us

Quick purchase in 3 easy steps

Well, that’s easy! Simply follow the process below and you’re good to go!

1. Size selection

Select the container size you are interested in

2. Condition selection

Select the condition and configuration you are interested in

3. Leave a request

Leave a request and get a detailed description of the price and delivery terms

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Our Shipping Containers Are Strong

Our containers are made from high-grade corrugated steel and marine-grade plywood, making them an excellent storage option for all weather conditions. Their waterproof quality ensures that you need not worry about your precious goods getting damaged due to persistent rains. Also, since these containers are made from extremely strong steel, they are rodent and burglar-proof.

So, what are you waiting for? Get A Quote today to buy a new or used shipping container in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC.

Our Delivery Service
shipping containers for sale Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC

Best Container Van in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC For Every Business

Apart from cargo shipping, our shipping containers are used by various businesses for their different needs. Recycling old container van and using it again has become a popular trend as it is economical and environment friendly too. A container van could be turned into other functional structures like

  • Container Van Home
  • Swimming pool
  • Affordable housing
  • Mobile office
  • Restaurants or food trucks
  • Garage
  • Storage room
  • Medical emergency facility
shipping containers for sale Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC

We Are The Best Among The Rest : Because We Offer

Pelican Containers has been a nationwide supplier of new and used containers in the United States for five years. We guarantee high-quality containers and the reliability of our services. Below you will find a list of benefits that you will get by choosing us:


Guarantee of Quality With Each Purchase


Wide Variety


Customer-Centric Policies


Verified Seller


Timely Updates


Secure Online Payments


24/7/365 Helpline


Phishing Protection


Best Rates


Hassle-Free Delivery Assurance

shipping containers for sale Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC

How much does it cost to ship a container in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC?

The container van for sale in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC begins at $2000 and ranges anywhere up to $4000 varying by the shipping destination and container size. The Philippines is regarded as a middle power in terms of economic standing due to its massive population of 100 million people. They have one of the world’s largest export economies, with the United States as one of its most important trading partners. Fruit, electronics, textiles, and semiconductors are among the country’s top exports. Primarily used container vans for sale in Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC are repurposed into amazing new living spaces and offices.

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Market advantages over competitors:

Pelican Containers Vs Local dealers

Unlike other local dealers, we are an integrated part of a highly diversified business- TopUniverse, an expert in the areas of shipping, logistics, freight forwarding, and container trading. With our extensive experience in shipping container trading, we serve all kinds of industries in and around the United States, Philippines, India, Canada and UAE.

Pelican Containers vs Carousell

Our first and foremost belief is in being the master in one. That makes us stand out from the rest of the classified platforms such as Carousell, Sheryna and MyBenta, as we have mastered delivering the best quality services of shipping container vans available in all sizes and purposes.

Pelican Containers Vs Other companies

Our customers constantly choose us due to our transparent pricing policy with no hidden or extra charges and end to end visibility at their fingertips. That upstages us from the other shipping container companies all over the United States, Philippines, India, Canada and UAE.

Reviews of Our Customers

Dan Crouch
Dan Crouch
Was able to get the conatiner I wanted at a price that was far better than it's competition. Working with Victoria Evans from Pelican was great and the delivery company they helped me find was spot on. If I need another container, I know exactly where I will go, right back to Pelican!
mike epperson
mike epperson
Marlyn provided excellent Customer service through the whole process . I wish all companies were so easy to coordinate with .I Receive a high quality container in the time frame agreed upon with no issues. Thank you
nanako peace
nanako peace
Marlyn is really responsive and follow up every steps to make sure it's delivered. Great Service. Looking forward to receiving it.
Bill Dillashaw
Bill Dillashaw
Wonderful experience, Great communication with staff, Fair prices with delivery included. When we need another conex this is the first place I'm going to.
Jack Otteson
Jack Otteson
Purchased a 20' container from Pelican. Pelican provided representative pictures. Container was in excellent condition. Delivered as promised. And the price was right.
curtis brown
curtis brown
I was misled as to business hours for pick-up times, but other than that, Marilyn did a great job communicating to me throughout the process. I would purchase from her again.
Shawn Leon
Shawn Leon
Valery was very helpful, and very fast with the answers to all of my questions. They processed my order swiftly and delivered the next day and really helped me out. Highly recommended.
Tim Olson
Tim Olson
Administration was great, container was delivered and placed on site with no issues
Aurelie Jean
Aurelie Jean
Great experience with Pelican, I highly recommend, we receive a brand new 40' HC container with all certification needed for export.
Heather Wagner
Heather Wagner
Pelican Containers are an amazing company to work with! From the sales rep to the delivery driver, they all worked with a very high level of integrity. This America based business answered the phone when we called, they checked up and followed through with all our requests. We had daily communication with the sales rep during the purchase process. When the driver was on his way with our delivery, and he knew that he was running behind, he called to let us know a more exact time he would arrive. He was easy to work with and was not in a hurry to off load the containers. He was thorough with the placement of the containers, making sure that they were where we wanted them. We will do business with this company again!

Container Buyer’s Guide

From buying the right container to preparing your site for delivery, we’ll help you avoid the frustrations and unknowns when buying a container.

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shipping containers for sale Low Level Rd, North Vancouver, BC


What types of shipping containers are available for sale in Vancouver?

In Vancouver, standard, high cube, open top, open side, flat rack, reefer containers, as well as container chassis are available for sale, so our offerings are as diverse as the city’s landscape itself!

Are used shipping containers a cost-effective option, and what condition can I expect them to be in?

Used shipping containers for sale in Vancouver can be your wallet’s best friend. They come in various conditions — some of them even look as good as new after a single trip. Others are “cargo worthy” or Wind and Watertight (WWT), which means they can handle harsh weather conditions. So, if you don’t mind a few minor dents and scratches, these containers are excellent value for your budget.

Can I customize the shipping containers I purchase, and what modification options are available?

Yes, you can! While we don’t offer customization options, our containers are the perfect blank canvas for your creativity post-purchase. So, feel free to transform them according to your vision once they are safely at your location.

What is the process for delivery and placement of the shipping containers at my location in Vancouver?

Once you’ve selected your shipping container for sale in Vancouver, we’ll make sure it’s on its way to you right away. All you have to do is prepare a suitable location for its arrival (you can find recommendations on how to do it properly in container delivery guidelines on our website), and we’ll take care of the rest.

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