40ft Standard Container Dimensions:

At Pelican Containers, 40ft shipping containers for sale are available in the following dimensions:

External measurement 12.192m/2.438m/2.591m ( 40’/8’/9’6 )
Internal measurement 12.032m/2.352m/2.393m ( 39’6/7’9/7’10 )
Floor area 28.33m2 ( 305sqft )
Volume 67.7 m3 ( 2,390 cu ft )
Maximum Gross weight 32,500kg ( 71,650 lbs )
Tare Weight 3,500 kgs (  7,716 lbs )
Payload capacity 29,000 kg ( 63,930 lbs )
Structure Steel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior
Designed, Built and Certified ISO, TIR, UIC, CSC and ABS approved

40ft Standard Shipping Container Usability and Features:

What can you use the 40ft shipping container for? Let’s read about some features and reasons to buy a 40ft shipping container except for using it in the shipping industry.

  • The most popular choice is for conversion into living spaces.
  • Can be used by almost every industry that transports a large volume of lightweight cargo like cotton and Styrofoam.
  • All-steel walls and load-bearing marine-grade plywood flooring make these 40ft containers extremely durable and weather-resistant.
  • Can be cut into smaller boxes to organize diverse items.

Container Buyer’s Guide

You can buy a used 40ft shipping container worldwide. To do this, you can leave a request, and our operator will help you choose the right one. We will also help you prepare your site for delivery and answer your questions. You can also find all the necessary information about our 40ft standard shipping containers for sale in our container buyer’s guide.

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Reviews of Our Customers

Dan Crouch
Dan Crouch
Was able to get the conatiner I wanted at a price that was far better than it's competition. Working with Victoria Evans from Pelican was great and the delivery company they helped me find was spot on. If I need another container, I know exactly where I will go, right back to Pelican!
mike epperson
mike epperson
Marlyn provided excellent Customer service through the whole process . I wish all companies were so easy to coordinate with .I Receive a high quality container in the time frame agreed upon with no issues. Thank you
nanako peace
nanako peace
Marlyn is really responsive and follow up every steps to make sure it's delivered. Great Service. Looking forward to receiving it.
Bill Dillashaw
Bill Dillashaw
Wonderful experience, Great communication with staff, Fair prices with delivery included. When we need another conex this is the first place I'm going to.
Jack Otteson
Jack Otteson
Purchased a 20' container from Pelican. Pelican provided representative pictures. Container was in excellent condition. Delivered as promised. And the price was right.
curtis brown
curtis brown
I was misled as to business hours for pick-up times, but other than that, Marilyn did a great job communicating to me throughout the process. I would purchase from her again.
Shawn Leon
Shawn Leon
Valery was very helpful, and very fast with the answers to all of my questions. They processed my order swiftly and delivered the next day and really helped me out. Highly recommended.
Tim Olson
Tim Olson
Administration was great, container was delivered and placed on site with no issues
Aurelie Jean
Aurelie Jean
Great experience with Pelican, I highly recommend, we receive a brand new 40' HC container with all certification needed for export.
Heather Wagner
Heather Wagner
Pelican Containers are an amazing company to work with! From the sales rep to the delivery driver, they all worked with a very high level of integrity. This America based business answered the phone when we called, they checked up and followed through with all our requests. We had daily communication with the sales rep during the purchase process. When the driver was on his way with our delivery, and he knew that he was running behind, he called to let us know a more exact time he would arrive. He was easy to work with and was not in a hurry to off load the containers. He was thorough with the placement of the containers, making sure that they were where we wanted them. We will do business with this company again!


Can I use a used 40ft shipping container as a garage?

Yes, a 40ft standard shipping container is great for use as a garage. You can store your car as well as smaller vehicles such as bicycles or motorcycles in a 40ft metal shipping container.

What are the features of a 40ft sea container?

To ensure your container will be long-lasting, consider a few basic factors when looking for new or used 40ft shipping containers for sale. A good container needs to be made of durable steel. Corrugated walls and heavy-duty wood floors make containers especially strong. The doors of the container should open 270 degrees.

How can I buy a 40ft standard shipping container?

Once you have chosen the right container size, you need to decide on the condition of the container. You can buy a new 40ft shipping container or a used one. A used container can be in very good condition, or it can be used many times. Your choice depends on what you need the container for. After you have decided on a 40-foot sea container, leave a request. Once you have selected a particular container, we can close a deal.

Do you have any questions?

If for some reason you did not find the service or product you need, you can always leave a request for a free consultation and get an answer.

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