Shipping Container Guarantee

Containers with Quality

The shipping containers sold by Pelican Containers carry our guarantee of quality. We grade our containers depending on their actual condition. This grading helps customers to determine the best-suited containers for their specific needs. We offer new or one-trippers, cargo worthy (CWO), wind & watertight (WWT) and ‘as is’ containers.

Knowledge is Power

Before you place an order for a conex box with us, we advise you to visit our website to have a look at our wide range of offerings. We list each type of boxes with multiple images and complete description to make you understand them better. You can also talk to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, who divulges every detail of the unit of your choice so that you can make an informed decision. Even after all these, if you receive a container that is different from the one quoted to you or you paid for, (which hasn’t happened so far at Pelican Containers) we will replace it at our earliest.

We Modify Right

If your order includes modifications, we make sure to get the job done without any error. We offer you images of our containers so that you can sketch the exact modification you need in your unit. Our production team then refers to your sketches and modifies the container as per your requirement. Hence, there exists no room for misunderstandings. If your order includes any paint job, we will colour the same as per your requirement – be it one of our standard colours or a certain hue of your choice.

We Double-Check

We thoroughly inspect every container twice. Once, before it leaves our warehouse and again, after it reaches your location. If any defect like hole or leak is found, we will repair that for you.

Our primary goal is to keep you happy and we continuously improve our products and services to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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