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Shipping Containers for Farming and Agriculture

Vanessa Joy Eugenio

Shipping containers are used in Agriculture (also known as shipping container agriculture) as a storage solution for farming tools and crops. A shipping container farm is a modern and innovative approach to urban agriculture, using repurposed containers to grow fresh produce in limited urban spaces. Since they are moisture and pest-resistant, shipping containers can prolong the shelf-life of your produce. Moreover, it is relatively easy to install air conditioning units in them. Hence, they are ideal for the storage of heat-sensitive crops too.

It’s a well-known fact that the Earth’s resources are depleting rapidly, and farmlands are one of them. To combat this, many farmers have moved towards soilless hydroponic vertical farming inside used shipping containers. This efficient farming method enables one to produce a massive amount of food in a fraction of the space compared to traditional farms. Shipping container farming is a really cutting-edge method of cultivating crops inside modified containers, allowing for year-round, controlled environment agriculture.

Just like crops, shipping containers have become a preferred solution for the practice of animal husbandry too. These steel boxes can be converted to suit the specific needs of the animals, like light, temperature, etc. In addition to minimizing the chances of epidemics among animals, these are much easier to clean.

Shipping Containers for Agriculture Industry

Benefits of Growing in Shipping Containers

Growing plants in containers has been around long before our time. And with the technological revolution, this process has become even more relevant for any agricultural business. Our shipping container farming options are a perfect solution for people who want to take advantage of modern technologies for the farming sector.

You can store your tools in the container or make it into an office, as well as grow vegetables, berries, salads, and more, in its artificial environment. This ingenious method was invented by Agricool company in 2015. No one even thought that this project would become so popular and attractive.

Benefits of using agriculture shipping containers:

  1. Container farming is a wonderful way to grow most plants, even in urban conditions.
  2. You can save water and nutrients used for farming. Studies have shown that you can save up to 90% of water and reduce fertilizer consumption by 20%.
  3. This ecosystem is protected from external influences of winds and other factors. So it is a great way to secure the best harvest, regardless of weather and other factors. With the ability to customize temperature, humidity, and lighting, growing in shipping containers allows for year-round production, making it ideal for urban agriculture and small-scale farming ventures.
  4. You can also convert your container to run entirely on solar energy.

Uses of Farmland Storage Containers

  • Machinery storage
    Our shipping containers for agriculture are perfect for storing your tools and small agricultural machines. They are waterproof so that you can increase the uptime of your appliances.
  • Farm office
    Our containers will help create a comfortable and functional office for employees. Provide electricity, put a table and a seating area, and our container will become a cozy space for lunches or meetings.
  • Animal feed/fertilizer/pesticide storage
    Another great way to use our shipping containers for farming. You can store all your fertilizers or seeds without exposing them to moisture or other undesirable factors. Farm container storage is a practical solution for farmers to safely store equipment, tools, and harvests, keeping them protected from the elements.
  • Grain storage
    Mice and unwanted visitors can never get into a shipping container. Hence, all your grain is protected there. With this option, you can be sure of the safety of your crops.
  • Restrooms for the farmers
    A shipping container can be easily converted into a restroom with multiple sections. It is a great way to save money on renting or buying porta-potties.

Visit Pelican Containers today to find the perfect shipping container for your agriculture and farming business. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

use of a used shipping container in Agriculture
Freight Containers - Hydroponic Shipping Container Farms Shipping Containers for Farming and Agriculture

We offer containers as small as 6’ to as large as 45’ with various door types. We can even modify the container as per your requirement by installing additional doors, windows, racks, railings etc. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to know more about our agriculture storage containers for sale.


What is the purpose of shipping containers for farming ?

Our containers are a real multi-tool that you can use for various purposes. You can equip an office, create a space for employees to rest, and store your equipment or seeds there.

What are the advantages of your agriculture containers?

We provide you with a vast selection of shipping containers for agriculture in various sizes, from 6 feet to 45 feet. In addition, you have a different choice of door types, and if necessary, we will modify the container to suit your needs.

Can I do farming in shipping containers?

Of course, you can convert it into a perfect place for growing various plants. Furthermore, this growing method is more efficient and less expensive than traditional solutions.

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