Open Side Containers: Benefits & Uses

Open side or side-opening shipping containers are the versatile sea-cans which are widely popular for transportation, storage and modification purposes. Unlike the standard containers, who have a single door only at the rear-ends, these containers, as the name suggests, come with a large opening on the side. In fact, one of the lateral walls of the containers is actually replaced with a door of the same size. As a result, it is much easier for people to access and utilize every corner of the container.

These sea-cans are available in a variety of sizes and conditions in the market. We at Pelican Containers usually keep 20’, 40’, and 45’ used open side shipping containers for sale, which are of top quality. However, if you need a different size, we can arrange that for you too. They can be made in custom sizes to suit your purpose. We also offer these containers in high cubes in 40’ size which provide an extra foot of head-space.

Benefits & Uses of Open Side Containers - Pelican Containers

Let’s now see how you can use these shipping containers.

For transportation :

Due to the presence of large doors, these open-side containers are easy to load and unload; especially with a forklift or pallet truck. Hence, these are ideal for the transportation of large machinery or varied cargo, which can be sorted and organized, making the offloading process quick and easy.

For storage :

These containers are ideal for storing diverse items as the wide openings allow easy installation of partitions. Goods inside remain sorted and simple to retrieve. You can walk into these boxes to check your cargo anytime you want. Our containers are also water, pest, and rodent-proof, making them apt for long-term storage.

For modification :

These side door shipping containers are perhaps the most popular category for modifications. The large opening calls for minimal cuts; hence, the overall integrity of the structure isn’t compromised. Currently, a lot of pop-up shops, cafes, bars, and art galleries are being made from these shipping containers. The high cube variety of these open side containers are widely used for the construction of homes and offices.

Interested in buying one? We’re here to help!

Pelican Containers has been in the used shipping container trading for years now and is a reputed name in the US market. We supply almost all varieties and can even help you in deciding which one will serve your purpose the most.

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