New/Used 40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container For Sale

These large cargo-bearing containers can be loaded from both the top and the sides. They come with two hinged front and back panels, which can be folded to create a flat base for heavy equipment.

40ft Flat Rack Shipping Containers

40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Dimensions:

  • Internal measurement: 12.00m/2.33m/2.35m (39’5″/7’8″/7’9″)
  • Volume: 62.20m3 (2195.7cuft)
  • Maximum weight: 5000kg
  • Payload capacity: 40,000kg

40ft High Cube Shipping Container Usability:

  • Can easily be loaded from the top or the sides.
  • Usually carries large vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Made of durable Corten steel and marine-grade timber.
  • Comes with a lock box.

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