Are 20ft Shipping Containers A Good Investment? What are Their Types and Advantages?

20ft Used Shipping Container for Sale Near Me

The 20ft shipping container is the most common container size, and it has a wide range of applications. You can find out everything about shipping containers here. We highlight the various types of mid-sized containers, their features and benefits, and some popular applications for these container types. If you’re looking for a 20ft container for sale near me, it should be clear by the end of this article if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

20ft Container Types

The primary 20-foot shipping container is available in five versions to suit varied shipping and storage requirements. These are some of them:

20ft High Cube Container

This is a somewhat taller version of the standard cargo container, designed to give taller goods more headroom. It retains all the other traits of the standard container, however, with a slightly greater build.

20ft Open Top Container

Such a container has an open roof and carries cargo that is too tall to fit inside a high cube container or a typical container.

20ft Open Side Container

Open-sided containers are shipping containers with two sets of double doors incorporated into the long side of the container. This allows full and unrestricted access to the whole length of the container.

20ft Standard Shipping Container

The standard container is the most often used container for transporting general purpose products. The standard container’s walls are fully closed, and it has front and (or) back doors. It is designed for common cargo loads, and it can carry any load that fits through the container’s door and into the container.

20ft. Flat Rack Container

A flat rack container is similar to a regular container, with the exception that it lacks two side walls (usually the longer sides) and does not have a roof. The container has a solid base and two walls that give it the appearance of a rack, which lends it its very unusual name.
This container is appropriate for heavy, bulky, and unmanageable items that won’t fit into a standard container’s space limits.

Some Features Of A 20ft Shipping Container

20ft shipping containers are popular with people who desire the security of steel storage but are on a budget. Most go searching for a 20ft used shipping container for sale near me since it is the most incredible option for modifying and converting. Pelican Containers is the only company that offers an exquisite 20ft used shipping container range, and we are fortunate to have our own in-house production facilities, allowing us to offer an industry-leading range of valuable upgrades and optional extras in an industry dominated by resellers and agents. The following features are included in almost all of the 20-foot shipping containers:

  • Corrugated walls to add extra strength to the all-steel construction.
  • Heavy-duty timber flooring for maritime.
  • For simple access, heavy-duty wide-opening doors (270 degrees) are available.
  • Lashing points for securing things on the floor.
  • Handling and mobility pockets for forklifts.


What Are The Benefits Of 20ft Shipping Containers?

The 20-foot Shipping Container is currently the most popular container size. And you may hear them referred to as Conex boxes in everyday life — the very container that revolutionized shipping as we know it. So if you are looking for a 20ft conex box for sale near me, it has become the standard measurement reference. TEUs are now often used to quantify cargo volume and vessel capacity. At the same time, the Forty-foot Equivalent Unit refers to 40-foot containers that are equivalent to two TEUs.

The following are some essential considerations for our 20ft containers:

  • Robust And Long-Lasting Construction

    Shipping containers are designed to endure the harsh conditions of the open sea, making them extremely tough and long-lasting.

  • The 20ft Shipping Container Is Versatile

    They can be used for various purposes, including shipping, conversion for a range of uses, and storage.

Sea container conversions are environmentally friendly because they allow us to build structures out of recycled old shipping containers to utilize resources better and reduce waste.

To sum it up,
Shipping containers are versatile no matter the size due to their durable traits and wide range of applications. Does your recent Google search look like “20 ft storage containers for sale near me”? Pelican Containers can help you find a shipping container that meets your needs and fits your budget, no matter what type you seek. For a quick quote, give us a call.

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