5 Tips To Choose The Right Shipping Container For Storage

In one of our previous posts, we have discussed why shipping containers are better storage solutions than sheds. As a business owner, if you have plenty of cargo to store, then a used shipping container can indeed be your best bet. They are durable, more secure, easy to install and maintain, and much cheaper than traditional sheds. However, before buying containers, you must evaluate your specific needs, as well as the varieties of options available in the market.

Here’s a guide for you on how to choose the right shipping container for storage:

5 Tips To Choose The Right Shipping Container For Storage

Make a list to find your size :

First of all, make a list of the stuff you need to store. This will allow you to ascertain how much space you would require to store your cargo, so that you don’t end up with too big or too small a container. These shipping containers are available in various sizes ranging from 6’ to 53’ in the market.

Load more in small space :

If your business requires a lot of raw materials and generates even more finished products, you’d definitely require multiple containers. Did you say you don’t have enough space to accommodate more than one? Well, worry not! These containers are stack able; so you can order multiple shipping containers to make multi-stored storage sheds. What more? You can also convert one of these containers into your office or showrooms. However, make sure you have sufficient room to fit the container that forms the base of your shed.

Use specific containers for specific purposes :

There are many types of containers in the market which serve individual purposes. If your stuff comprises mainly of consumables that need to be refrigerated, a reefer container is your best bet. You can opt for an open-side container to keep your cargo organized if they are of diverse shapes and sizes, like toys or machinery.

Understand the condition :

You need to understand that used shipping containers, although made to last for years, have already spent a fair amount of time in the harsh marine condition. Hence, some damages like dents, dings and rust spots are common on most which can be easily rectified. However, you must check for greater damages before buying one since you’d want your precious cargo to be safe while stored. We suggest you choose a ‘wind and watertight’ or ‘cargo worthy’ container over an ‘as is’ piece. Talk to your supplier before buying.

Find a trustworthy supplier :

A reliable supplier, who has been in the business for a long time, can guide you on which size and type of container will serve your needs the most. So, select one with prudence. Pelican Containers has been in the used shipping container trading for years now and is a reputed name in the US market. We supply almost all varieties and offer personalized service.

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