How to Buy Flat Rack Shipping Container in California?

California or ‘The Golden State’ is America’s wealthiest state with the gross state product (GSP) of about $2.75 trillion; as per a 2017 report. The industries that attribute to the state’s wealth are trade, transportation, manufacturing, financial and business services, education, health services, and leisure and hospitality; among others. Computers and electronic products are California’s top exports. Such a vibrant economy is bound to have a thriving import/export business and California is no different. The many ports, as well as the road and rail services of the state witness massive traffic every day. Hence, shipping containers are always in demand in California.

While each of us is aware of a typical box-type steel cargo container, not many know about the flat rack containers. Look wise, these are totally different from other types of containers. Unlike their four-walled counterparts, these heavy duty containers usually come with two walls which are either fixed or can be folded to create a flat base. These are designed to carry over-sized cargo which otherwise won’t fit in a closed shipping container. Due to this attribute, the flat rack containers are a popular choice in the life-cycle of cargo transportation and naturally, their demand in California is also quite high.

So, what are the things you need to keep in mind while buying a flat-rack container? Read on….

How to Buy Flat Rack Container in California? - Pelican Containers

Dimension :

Flat-rack containers are usually 20’ or 40’ long. A few companies like Pelican Containers, however, sell an even larger 45’ variant. All these have similar width and height. These have walls, collapsible at times, only at the two extreme ends. So, there is a risk of cargo sticking out from the sides if not properly secured. Hence, based on the size and dimension of the cargo, you need to choose a flat rack container.

Type :

These containers are either fixed-end flat-racks or collapsible flat-racks. The fixed-end variant is structurally stronger and is more suitable for heavier loads. The collapsible type is apt for transporting empty flat-racks, stacked one over another, as they provide a flat base and save space.

Uses :

Flat-rack containers are essentially special-purpose containers. These are used for the storage and transportation of cargo with unusual shapes and sizes. Boats, aircraft, and trucks are good examples of such items. A lot of equipment, used in the factories also falls under the category of ‘abnormal loads.’ Since these containers are stack-able, they can be stored easily when not in use.

Condition :

Almost all shipping containers in circulation are used and the flat-racks are no different. Rusts, rotten wooden base, weak links etc. are common in old containers and are dangerous for the safety of your cargo, as well as your workers. Hence, it is important to ascertain the structural integrity of the same before buying.

Finding a reliable distributor :

This probably is the most important step in buying a flat-rack shipping container, since an experienced distributor can help you with all the above aspects. Pelican Containers has been in the used shipping container trading for years now and is a reputed name in California. We supply almost all varieties of containers and can even help you in deciding which one will serve your purpose the most.

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