Nine Uses of an Old Shipping Container Other Than Transportation

We all have pretty much heard about quirky container homes and shops and by now know well that transporting cargo isn’t the only job of a shipping container. But did you know that a 20-foot shipping container can be easily converted into a swanky swimming pool? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Let’s discover some more such innovative uses of a shipping container.

Nine Uses of an Old Shipping Container Other Than Transportation
  1. Indoor Farms:

    With depleting farmland and changing weather patterns, the threat of food shortage is continuously lurking over humanity. In this scenario, climate-controlled indoor farms can provide a solution. While abandoned buildings can be a good spot for indoor gardening, used shipping containers are a better alternative since their internal environment can be controlled, which aid in the growth of delicate crops. Additionally, these containers are stackable. Hence, the yield per square foot of land is higher than traditional farmlands.

  2. Bridges:

    Have you heard about the ‘Container Bridge’ at Ariel Sharon Park in Israel? The 160-meter long overpass, connecting Lod Road to the center of Hiriya Mountain Park, is constructed by laterally joining many used shipping containers. This sturdy structure gives a lot of hope to the people in areas where the construction of traditional bridges proves to be costly and inconvenient.

  3. Custom-built Refrigerators:

    Businesses that require huge cooling units to store perishables can opt for containers equipped with refrigeration units. These are extremely strong, low-maintenance, and have a built-in voltage stabilizer. Plus, they are portable.

  4. Fire Training Facility:

    Since steel is non-combustible, these containers provide a safe environment for mock drills carried out by the firefighters. These containers don’t let the fire spread elsewhere if the practice goes wrong.

  5. Schools:

    Shipping containers can be converted into additional classrooms with very minimal effort and without disturbing the surroundings. These are gaining popularity in African nations where infrastructure is a significant deterrent towards quality education. These container schools are portable. Hence, they can be operated in remote places where children, otherwise, are required to travel long distances to avail education.

  6. Emergency Hospitals:

    Much like the container schools, these portable hospitals are proving to be a boon for the places which are deprived of quality healthcare. These are great at the warzones too. Mobile medical facility rooms are in great demand due to their low cost and operational efficiency.

  7. Swimming Pools:

    Since the containers are long and narrow, they are ideal for conversion into a swimming pool. The 20 and 40-foot containers are apt for the purpose. They are portable and do not require any digging or planning permission.

  8. Portable Toilets:

    Portable container toilets are great for outdoor events and construction sites. These can house showers and basins and easily be fitted with water inlets and sewerage ducts.

  9. Refurbished Furniture:

    All the above uses are tremendous but require containers in moderately good condition. But what about the severely damaged ones? Well, they can be used as scraps to create bespoke furniture pieces – from office desks to luxurious sofas.

  10. Public Library:

    An initiative like this taken by the government plays a vital role in society by making a range of knowledge, services, and resources accessible to the public—a perfect place to hit and catch up on classics for bookworms. You may see that libraries are rare now, and even rarer people have their membership. The stupendous cultural importance of libraries can never be denied or overlooked.

  11. Pop-up Retail:

    With shipping containers at disposal, this temporary pop-up retail is an efficient and feasible way to create an engaging shopping experience for the users. Now pop-up retail stores have been taking over the cultural, retail world and exploring the traditional shopping malls and big-box stores. Set up a typical store with high foot traffic like busy streets, city centers, malls, tiny shops. Nowadays, brands like Amazon, Macy’s, Fila take advantage of pop-up shops to create and promote their brand or express plans. You may utilize the space of pop-up stores to create event-specific concessions, like food carts, sporting events, etc.

  12. Getaway Retreat:

    A getaway retreat is a functional shell that can be repurposed according to the needs of the user, a perfect vacation home to escape from the chaotic normal. You can also convert it into a prototyped module called ‘nomad living’ that acts as a mobile, economical and sustainable getaway retreat. Or you can even turn that into an artificial jacuzzi.

So, you have seen that a standard shipping container can be easily transformed into something extraordinary. All you need is a little imagination and skill.

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