Renting vs. Buying A Used Shipping Container – Which Is Better For Businesses?

Do you own a business? If yes, then most probably, you’d need ample storage space for your inventory, raw materials, tools or finished goods. Hiring a warehouse or a bigger office isn’t always feasible due to high rent and recurring maintenance cost. Luckily, businesses now have a solution to all such issues – used shipping containers. These robust steel boxes are nearly maintenance-free, weather-proof, and virtually indestructible.

Renting vs. Buying A Used Shipping Container - Pelican Containers

While businesses have already understood the benefits of using a shipping container, they are often confused about whether to buy or rent one. While buying a used shipping container may seem a lot of upfront investment, it actually makes more sense than renting one in the long run. How? Let’s find out…………..

It’s cheaper in the long run

If your need for a container is going to last for a few years, it is best to invest in one. It may look like a lot of money initially, but you’ll spend even more if you rent one for more than a year. Even after payment of this hefty amount, a rented container is always a property of someone else, which you must take very good care of. Otherwise, you will incur extra money on repairs.

Most of the container trading companies offer great discounts when multiple containers are bought. Hence, if you have a long-term project and need to transport your goods or store them, buy a used shipping container.

You have total control

The biggest issue with renting a shipping container (or anything for that matter) is you have practically no control over them. You may need an extra opening or a few racks inside to carry out your job more efficiently. However, the rental company, most certainly, will not allow you to do so since it will use the same container for a different client. Additionally, they will list a number of dos and don’ts which, if not followed, will attract penalties.

The story is entirely different when you own a container. You can modify it as you please by adding climate control equipment, enhanced security measures, insulation, and extra openings. You can even completely transform it into an office space or build portable kiosks for your events.

Your logistics will get cheaper

If your company transports cargo on a regular basis across geographies, having your own container can save you a lot of money, that too, for a long time. All you will spend on are the maintenance of the fleet, fuel, and administration.

You’ll always have a shipping & storage solution at your disposal

Having a shipping container handy makes doing business a lot more convenient. Whenever you need to urgently ship or store cargo, a shipping container at your disposal can come to your rescue. This is impossible with rental containers since you rent them only when you need them and do not keep them unused for a long time. Moreover, you can no way get a rented container immediately since it involves various stages like getting a quote, contacting the company, choosing the right container, doing paperwork, payment and finally, delivery. There may even be unavailability of your preferred type of container or a delay in delivery. Such instances can adversely impact your business.

You can rent ‘em out

A good way of making some extra cash is to rent out your shipping container to other small businesses when it is not in use. You can make anything between $40 and $200 per month depending on its size and condition. This way, you can recover all the money you spent on buying the same in a really short time and can gain profit thereafter. You can also modify the containers into office spaces or shops and put them on rent.

You can re-purpose & re-use them

Once your original project is over, you can modify the container and use it for another purpose. As for example, you can start a pop-up shop or make a swimming pool out of it. The possibilities are endless if you have the imagination.

Buying a used shipping container really makes better sense than renting in the long run. However, you need to make sure to buy from a reliable agent to find the perfect deal. Pelican Containers has been in the used shipping container trading for years now and is a reputed name in the US market. We supply almost all varieties and offer personalized services.

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