Why Shipping Containers are Better Storage Solutions than Sheds?

All businesses need a dedicated place to store their raw materials, machinery, or finished products – safe from detrimental forces like adverse weather conditions and burglary. Storage sheds were once popular in this regard. However, they cannot guarantee complete protection of your precious cargo. Over the past few years, shipping containers have slowly taken over these storage sheds for a variety of reasons. Let’s now find out why shipping containers are a better storage solution for your business.

Why Shipping Containers are Better Storage Solutions than Sheds?

Shipping containers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions – the marine environment. These are made from heavy-duty corrugated steel and weatherproof wood to prevent damages incurred by humidity, snow, wind, salt water etc. Storage sheds, on the other hand, are made mostly from absorptive material like wood which can get damaged by water and termites. Moreover, they aren’t sturdy enough to survive strong winds. Shipping containers come with a long shelf-life and are extremely heavy, making them unaffected by gusty winds.


Shipping containers can be used instantly as they are designed for safe storage and transportation. In most cases they don’t need any installation; not even a foundation. You will only pay if you need its interiors to be in a certain way. Conversely, storage sheds need a skilled workforce to be installed; otherwise, they run the risk of being flimsy. Hence, you will pay twice on storage sheds – firstly on buying it and secondly during installation.


Shipping containers last forever. Period! Their structural integrity and simplicity keep them assembly and maintenance-free for a lifetime. Other than being relatively inexpensive, they have good resale value, which means, you can recover some of your investment once their purpose ends. In contrast, storage sheds are available in varied qualities and depending on the same, their prices vary. But, as for most articles, their qualities depend on their prices. As a business owner, you wouldn’t want to buy a substandard shed to store your cargo. Even when you get an expensive shed, you need to spend on installation and regular maintenance, since storage sheds are not as durable as shipping containers.


Shipping containers are made from high-grade steel and are virtually indestructible. They come with a single door which is specially designed to remain closed under any circumstances. Due to the lack of any weak point, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to barge into a shipping container. Storage sheds are made mainly of materials like wood, fiberglass, plastic etc. which are not as strong as steel and hence, cannot provide the same level of security. Moreover, because of their design complexity, there are many weak points on storage sheds like hinges, foundations, and frames which are relatively easy to breach.

So, it is evident that shipping containers are a better choice than storage sheds for storing valuables. If you need one at a competitive rate, please visit pelicancontainers.com today.

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