40 Foot Shipping Container Chassis

These chassis are made from high strength low alloy steel to make them strong enough for the transportation of heavy shipping containers. They come in different variations like gooseneck, tri axle, spread axle, straight frame, tridem etc. to accommodate different types of 40 foot containers.


40ft Shipping Container Chassis Dimensions:

  • Length: 40’10”
  • Width: 96”
  • King pin location: 30” from the rear face of the front bolster
  • Coupler height: 48”
  • Tare weight: 4000kg (approximately)

40ft Shipping Container Chassis Usability:

  • Ideal for intermodal transportation of overweight containers.
  • Widely used as scrap trailers.
  • Equipped with spring suspension, low profile radial tires and ABS.

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