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Shipping Container Buildings for Schools & Education Industry

Education and shipping containers – do they look bit odd together? Not at all! In many rural locations, especially in the African nations, used shipping containers are being used as schools. The school curriculums are always being updated and the need for additional classrooms and laboratories are on the rise. Shipping containers are often used as storerooms to school supplies and furniture whenever the building undergoes a renovation. Some innovative schools also use them as an extension to existing brick and mortar building. This saves both time and money. A library or a laboratory inside modified shipping containers isn’t unheard of today.
Shipping Container Buildings for Schools & Education Industry
Educational institutes are perhaps the largest accumulators of physical records. Although technology has taken over record-keeping significantly, schools are not fully done with paper files and folders yet. Storing them in a shipping container keeps those files secured from environmental forces including pests, as well as aids in their easy mobility.

Can you imagine a school without sports? Well, these containers can store all recreational and athletic equipment. A few schools have successfully converted shipping containers into gymnasiums, swimming pools, and basketball courts.

Shipping Container School
Shipping Container Libraries
shipping container school building
If all the above uses of a conex box amaze you, visit Pelican Containers today to find the perfect used shipping container for your school. We do take up container modification as per your requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to know more about our school storage containers for sale.
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