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Vanessa Joy Eugenio

Job Title
Team Leader
Pelican Containers
Favorite Topics
Customer Service, Team Management, Business Analysis, Outsourcing

Publications on the company's website

Shipping Containers On Private Land

Today, shipping containers are popular beyond their intended use. With multiple design ideas...

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Shipping Container Greenhouse: Benefits and How Does It Work?

The modern agro-industry is undergoing inevitable changes. The areas of fertile soils where...

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Shipping Container Foundation Blocks

Today, standard shipping containers experience many different uses beyond their initial function of...

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Examples of Shipping Container Homes Turned into Luxury Housing

Giving old and used items a new lease of life is a modern...

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Benefits of Creating Workspace with a Shipping Container

Do you want to open departments of your company in other cities? Do...

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5 Incredible Restaurants Built with Shipping Containers in the US

Apart from industrial applications of shipping containers and shipping container shops, another extraordinary...

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