Why Should You Invest in Shipping Containers – 5 Reasons

Shipping containers are an excellent solution for storage and transportation. They are extremely sturdy, weather-proof, pest and rodent proof, and are low-maintenance. No wonder, they have gained immense popularity among businesses and individuals in recent years that have some cargo to store.

Why Should You Invest in Shipping Containers – 5 Reasons

Here are a few reasons on why you should consider investing in used shipping containers :

Moveable storeroom :

A shipping container can aptly act as a storage shed for businesses or a garage for individuals depending on their sizes. They are quick to install and can be put to use immediately after delivery. For businesses, it makes a whole more sense to invest in a container, as the finished products can be stored in batches in them, which can be transported directly using a chassis. This reduces the chances of damages, time, and labor cost.

Safe and secure :

Shipping containers are mostly made from high-grade corrugated steel and marine-treated plywood, making them resistant to the harshest weather condition. Hence, they are the perfect solution for storing valuable cargo. Since, the doors of these containers, which come with lock-boxes, are extremely strong and are meant to protect the cargo during the long marine haul, these cannot be easily broken by the robbers. Also, due to their water-resistant built, the goods inside are less likely to get damaged by moisture.

Versatile :

Shipping containers have a very straight-forward design, making them apt for modifications. At any point in time, shelves, additional doors and windows, partitions etc. can be installed in them. So, such a container can function as a home, office, school, storage shed, cafe, exhibition center, swimming pool, bridge, …the list is endless and totally depends on your imagination.

Resale value :

Shipping containers hardly depreciate in value since they don’t incorporate any technology. Moreover, since their design is responsible for maintaining their structural integrity, it doesn’t change with time. Hence, shipping containers have good resale value once their purpose is over with a customer.

Environmental impact :

Shipping containers are usually retired after 10-15 years of sea-time and are stored in the dock area; accounting for huge landfill. Currently, there are over 17 million containers in the world, out of which only six million are in circulation. The rest 11 million are sitting idle at various ports. Hence, it is a good idea to utilize these huge containers for construction instead of constructing traditional buildings, which are costlier, take time to build, and disturb our environment in many ways.

Investing in a shipping container has many benefits. These are easy to find and super convenient to use. There are many sellers in the market. However, you must find a reliable supplier before buying your sea-can. Pelican Containers has been in the used shipping container trading for years now and is a reputed name in the US market. We supply almost all varieties and can even help you in deciding which one will serve your purpose the most.

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