8 Industries That Use Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are everywhere. Gone are the days when they were only seen stacked on huge cargo vessels carrying goods all over the world. Nowadays, one can find them transformed into homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, offices, cafes, and even swimming pools and bridges. Simplistic design, superior strength, and weather-resistance are the qualities that make these versatile boxes a preferred solution for many industries.

Apart from the shipping industry, let’s now see which other industries use shipping containers and how:

8 Industries That Use Shipping Containers

Construction :

Construction sites invariably require storage sheds to stock expensive building materials. Used shipping containers are apt for the purpose because, unlike traditional sheds, these can be put to use immediately after installation. These are made from high-grade steel, making them extremely strong and difficult to rob. Also, since they are air, water, and windproof, the valuables inside stay safe from moisture and weather extremes.

Manufacturing :

The need for ample storage in the manufacturing industry is well-known. The businesses require plenty of raw materials to manufacture the final products. Hence, to store everything securely, the industry has turned towards used shipping containers.

Education :

Who knew that knowledge will be distributed inside a shipping container one day? Yes, you read it right. In many parts of the world, especially the African nations, used shipping containers are used as schools in many rural areas. They are also used as extensions to existing brick and mortar school buildings to avoid pricey and time-consuming construction process.

Automotive :

Shipping containers have always been a preferred transport medium for vehicles. They are also useful when showrooms need to scale up their inventory ahead of any special event or during any minor renovation. Small containers are apt for the storage of spare parts.

Government :

Governments are all about sensitive documents; and to keep them secured, shipping containers are an excellent choice. These containers can also be enhanced with additional shelves and partitions to keep the documents organized.

Retail :

Retail businesses deal with a lot of products. From clothing to electronics to eatables, every item should be segregated and stored properly. Customized shipping containers are perfect for the storage of different types of products.

Agriculture :

Shipping containers are used in Agriculture too since it uses different types of machinery which needs to be kept securely. In recent times, due to the depletion of farmlands, many farmers have moved towards vertical farming inside used shipping containers. This efficient farming method is able to produce a huge amount of food at a fraction of space when compared to traditional farms.

Healthcare :

Just like schools, shipping containers are also converted into hospitals in many parts of the world; especially in war zones and remote places. They are used by pharmaceutical companies and hospitals for storage purposes too.

Used shipping containers are useful to almost all industry since they can act as both office and storage. If you want to buy one, please contact Pelican Containers.

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