Why Should You Build Your Home With Shipping Containers?

We all nurture a dream of our own home – a nice cosy abode where we can live blissfully with our
loved ones. Many people sacrifice other material comforts and save every bit of their hard-earned
money to give shape to this dream. However, the ever increasing building material costs and labour
charges often render their savings insufficient, forcing them towards a hefty mortgage. Not a nice
liability to have, isn’t it? So, what is the solution? Our answer is – shipping containers.
Yes, you heard it right!
Shipping containers are more durable, customizable, and cheaper than traditional buildings. In
recent years, the popularity of modified shipping container homes has increased phenomenally.
Let’s see why you too may want to build your home from one.

Why Should You Build Your Home With Shipping Containers?

Yes, hands down! Shipping containers are way cheaper than traditional buildings and are
quite easy to find too. There are many companies, like ‘Pelican Containers,’ who offer container
modifications at reasonable rates. The result is unconventional yet incredibly stylish homes, that too
in a budget. This also lets you spend that extra cash on designs and upgrades so that your home
looks truly classy. However, it makes sense to note that, extreme modification and cuts can weaken
the structural integrity of a container. Hence, go easy with that chainsaw.


Shipping containers are constructed from corrugated steel and laminated plywood, making
them withstand extreme marine weather. They are used to transport hundreds of tons of cargo and
are often stacked atop each other. This explains how durable these boxes are. Hence, if you choose
to live in one, you need not worry about bad weather conditions like strong winds or extreme rain.
Moreover, the simple rectangular design and tall built make them apt for conversion.

Fast and easy:

Shipping containers cut down traditional construction time by a quarter since the
basic structure is already in place. All you need to do is arrange the boxes on a concrete base and
install doors, windows, insulation, and other important aspects like plumbing and electric wiring.
And voila! Your dream home is ready in a jiffy!


One of the greatest advantages of a shipping container home is its mobility, especially if
your home consists of a single container. You just need to load it on a trailer and take it anywhere
you please.


Every year, thousands of used shipping containers are retired from cargo
transportation by sea. These are usually left unused at the warehouses at various ports occupying
valuable real estate. It always makes sense to recycle these robust steel boxes and what better
purpose can it serve than becoming the dream home for someone?

There are many other benefits of building a home from a shipping container. However, it is
important to understand that while such homes can be built easily with fewer resources, they can
come with their share of drawbacks as well. Hence, evaluate every aspect of building a container
home before getting into the buying process.

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