20 Foot Shipping Container Chassis

The 20 foot category of chassis consists of a number of forms like flushback container chassis, straight frame tandem axle chassis, tri-axle slider chassis, drop frame chassis, single axle chassis, pull chassis or trailer, double-drop chassis and tipping container chassis. These chassis are suitable for the transportation of specific weights of cargo loaded in a variety of 20 foot containers.


20ft Shipping Container Chassis Dimensions:

  • Length: 24’ and above
  • Width: 96”
  • King pin location: 18” from the front of chassis.
  • Coupler height: 48”
  • Tare weight: 3200kg (approximately)

20ft Shipping Container Chassis Usability:

  • These are used to carry 20 foot cargo containers.
  • Made from high strength steel, these are equipped with spring suspension, low profile radial tires and ABS.
  • Painted with high quality and long lasting hues.
  • These are mostly made by the renowned original equipment manufacturer CIMC.

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