20ft Open Top Container Dimensions:

External measurement 6.058m/2.438m/2.591m ( 20’/8’/8’6 )
Internal measurement 5.898m/2.352m/2.348m ( 19’4/7’9/7’8 )
Floor area 13.93m2 ( 150sqft )
Volume 32.5 m3 ( 1,147.3 cu ft)
Maximum Gross weight 30,480kg ( 67,200 lbs )
Tare Weight 2,300 kgs ( 5,070 lbs )
Payload Weight 28,330 kg ( 62,460 lbs)
Accessibility Removable tarpaulin and roof bows, swinging header
Steel doors and panels, timber floor, tarpaulin roof
Designed, Built and Certified
ISO, TIR, UIC, CSC and ABS approved

20ft Open Top Container Usability

  • Ideal for most types of general cargo like food sacks, coal, and construction materials.
  • The open top design makes it easy to load and off-load cargo using cranes.
  • It is made from industrial-grade materials that can withstand eternal forces that can damage cargo.
  • The entire length of the floor is lined with durable timber to give the container a durable cladding that keeps cargo from being in contact with the hard metal floor.
  • The timber-lined floor also helps keep your cargo in place by preventing slippage during sea and cross-country travel.
  • Most 20ft open top containers for sale have a few vents to prevent cargo sweat. Cargo sweat is harmful condensation that forms when there’s not enough ventilation. Our containers have multiple ventilation chutes to eliminate condensation.
  • Multiple lashing points are located in precise areas to keep your cargo protected from excessive movements.

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Reviews of Our Customers

Adam Smith
(Jacksonville, Florida)

It was a pleasure to interact with the people in this company. My container was delivered safely and on time. The doors worked well and there were no dents or cracks. Well done!

Demetrius Lucas
(Long Beach, California)

It was a nice experience interacting with the helpful staff at Pelican. The container was in really good condition and perfectly suited my need of a storage shed. Will come back in the future if I need more.

Patricia Wang
(Fort Worth, Texas)

We ordered a 40’ standard container in April but received a 40’ high cube after 10 days. We immediately communicated this to the company and they told we could use the bigger unit at no extra cost. We were delighted!


Can heavy machinery fit inside a 20Ft open-top sea container?

Open top sea containers are made from high-grade materials that can keep heavy machinery safe while being transported over long distances. These 20Ft open-top sea containers make it easy to load large cargo. The containers being offered by Pelican Containers have timber-covered floors that protect heavy cargo from grinding against the metal. It also has multiple lashing points that keep the cargo immobile while in transit over sea or land.

Where can I buy 20Ft open top containers?

If you’re shipping large items for long distances, you need containers big enough to fit all your cargo. Pelican Containers has a wide array of new and used 20Ft open top shipping containers. We offer 20Ft open top containers that allow easy loading of large items using a hoist or crane. These containers have special provisions like multiple ventilations and lashing points to keep cargo safe during long hauls.

Where can I find used 20Ft shipping containers for sale?

If you’re going to buy 20Ft open top container for one-time transportation of materials, you can opt to buy a used 20Ft container. After all, high-quality containers are sturdy and made from very strong materials that make them damage resistant. In the US, you can find used 20Ft open top containers for sale at Pelican Containers. We sell used 20 and 45 feet long containers in great condition and they are always in stock.

How much are used 20Ft shipping containers?

This will depend on the dimensions and size but you will typically save up to 30% on used ones compared to new 20Ft open top shipping containers. You would need to check if the containers still have good floor cladding to keep cargo from scratching across the metal floor. Also, inspect all lashing points to see if all are intact and in good condition because if two or more are missing, the cargo might not be secured properly. Check out Pelican Containers if you are looking for high-quality used 20Ft shipping containers for sale.

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