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Shipping containers for Car Showrooms, Garages and Transportation

Shipping containers have always been the preferred transport medium for vehicles. Trucks, cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles are transported in shipping containers across the ocean from the manufacturers to the consumers. These durable steel boxes are equipped to carry large heavy items without damaging them.
Shipping containers for Car Showrooms
Apart from transportation, these conex boxes are also extensively used in vehicle showrooms and garages to store spare parts and other tools. They come handy as temporary storerooms for the automobiles and other items when the showroom becomes cluttered or undergoes cleaning or renovation. They are also useful as extended storage when showrooms need to scale up their inventory ahead of any special event. Some creative auto businesses have even constructed their garages out of shipping containers.

For homeowners, 6’ containers are an excellent choice as a personal garage. These are compact, sturdy, and totally secured. Hence, one need not worry about thieves getting hands on one’s beloved bike.

Container Car Shipping
Shipping container garages
cars transportation in container

Uses of storage containers in the automotive industry:

  • Transportation
  • Garage – personal and business
  • Showroom
  • Storeroom for vehicles/spare parts/ inventory

Pelican Containers offers used shipping containers of different sizes – from a compact 6’ to a mammoth 45’, giving you plenty of space for all of your bike and equipment. We can even modify the container as per your requirement by installing additional doors, windows, racks, railings etc. Our storage containers were manufactured from robust reinforced steel for the purpose of transporting cargo overseas. Hence, you can rest assured that these durable and secure boxes will offer a protective environment to any type of storage.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to know more about our used shipping containers for sale.

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