Shipping Containers v/s. Conex Boxes- What’s the Difference?

Shipping containers, storage containers, and conex boxes for sale may sound familiar to you. Knowing the differences between these goods as a consumer may be difficult, especially when the container storage sector comes out with new names every few years. A shipping container is essentially a huge steel box that is used to store and transport commodities. It’s weatherproof and available in a range of sizes and grades.
It’s critical to know which shipping container to choose in order to keep your items safe. The issue is that there are just too many container names for customers to choose from.
Let’s clear up any misunderstandings by determining the difference between shipping containers and conex boxes.

Shipping Containers Vs Conex Boxes- What’s The Difference?

Containers for shipping

Shipping containers, as the name indicates, are standard-sized boxes used to convey commodities by maritime freight. The majority of these containers are made of high-quality Corten steel, making them extremely durable. Steel is the ideal material for lengthy voyages at sea since it corrodes slowly. These containers are available in a range of sizes, including 20-foot and 40-foot containers.
Shipping containers are more robust because of their corrugated construction.
Heavy equipment, machinery, and other huge things will fit easily in these boxes, making them a safe and dependable solution for delivering large amounts of products.
Shipping containers are also known as “cargo containers,” a phrase derived from the usage of shipping containers to convey cargo across oceans.

Conex shipping container

Conex storage containers are essentially shipping containers that were designed during the Korean War to transport military items to the front lines. Back in the early 1950s, aluminium shipping containers were common, but the problem was that they were prone to transportation damage and pilferage. The US Army Transportation Corps created the “Transporter,” a corrugated steel container that was far more secure and durable than its aluminium equivalents, to overcome this problem. Searching for conex for sale near me?

During the Korean War, the Transporter was a huge success, prompting the US Army Transportation Corps to enhance it and rename it the Container Express, hence the name Conex. Conex is now a name used to describe bigger ISO-standard shipping containers.

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Choosing the right container for you

It’s crucial to choose the correct shipping container for your needs, whether you’re buying one for residential or commercial use. We always advise going to a reliable source to ensure you get the best containers possible. Here are a few pointers to consider while looking for a Conex containers for sale.

Should you buy new or used?

Many customers have trouble deciding between a new and secondhand shipping container. If you want to utilise a shipping container for storage, we strongly advise you to get a new one. New shipping containers are more durable and secure, particularly when equipped with a lockbox. You can get away with buying a secondhand cargo container for heavy equipment, machinery, and replacement parts.
This article should help you understand the distinctions between shipping containers, conex boxes, and storage containers. Use the information in this article to ensure that you select the appropriate container for your applications. Conex storage containers for sale depend upon numerous factors like size of the container.

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